Monday, December 27, 2010

~What Did You Learn In 2010 & What Are Your Dreams in 2011?~

1. What were the most profound words or thing you heard, read, saw this year? What impact did it have on your life?:

~ a friend of mine said to me "stay committed." It impacted me that day and continues to impact me on so many levels.. I am thankful for the truth spoken in love..

2. Did you learn something new about friendships? If so, what?:

~{That I really should follow my gut.} And cherish the true friendships that the Lord has given me.. {and that I can't please everyone..} that some friendships are really just for a season {which I hate, but am thankful for, and wouldn't be who I am without them.} and aside from that, if it is a true friendship, you don't let it go by the wayside, and that you tell each other the truth in love, and you let the other person tell you the truth, in love... <3

3. Did you learn something new about people? If so, what?:

~Everyone out there is struggling with something, whether they admit it or not, whether they know it or not...

4. Did you learn something new about yourself? What is it?:

~That I am stronger than I think... That it is ok to be misunderstood {although it is hard}... That I can overcome things I thought I never could.. And that the Lord.... really.... does.... delight in me...

5. Were you challenged in any way or were you stretched as a person this year? {and even if it was hard, how did it help you grow and you were better for it?}:

~YES! {but who wasn't?!} I was challenged in relationships... It was crazy, hard, wonderful and rewarding.. I would have never learned what I did had I not gone through it... I have learned what forgiveness is and is not... I learned how to put my heart out there when I was scared to. Also: stepping up to challenges that I was scared to do, but were so rewarding, and b/c of it met some amazing people...

6. Do you feel like you are doing in life what you were created for? If not, what steps will you take in 2011 to get the ball rolling?:

~I feel like I am on the way to where I am going ;-)... The steps I will take in 2011 are to not freak out when I am asked to step out and do what He has called me to do! {by His grace!}

7. What is the one thing or things you want to leave behind in 2010?:

~I am leaving behind: People pleasing, hurt and anger and FEAR! yay!

8. What is your prayer for your family in 2011?:

~That we ALL, near and far, know the Lord more than we do now and in a more intimate way! And that blessing will overtake them!!

9. Can you tell me of a prayer that was answered this year? {Please feel free to write as many as you want..}:

~I have so many.. Big and small.. Thank You Lord.. The Lord has restored in so many ways... HE HAS RESTORED MY FAMILY {and even in that has answered so many other prayers.}, He has restored relationships, He has given me more of a desire to know Him and His word...

10. What is "your" New Year's "DECLARATION"?:

~My declaration is to live life in Him to the fullest, to treat my body as His temple, to slow down and enjoy those around me, to find something {but probably many things} to be thankful for on a daily basis, that my eyes would be open to those who are hurting and do something about it {there is always something we can do, and prayer is #1! :-) }

There is so much that we can learn from each other! Thank you for sharing! Love you and blessings to you in the New Year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Becoming Unoffendable ~

Becoming Unoffendable
by Francis Frangipane

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stonefrom your flesh and give you a heart of flesh" (Ezek. 36:26).

God has a new heart for us that cannot be offended, an "unoffendable" heart. Beloved, possessing an unoffendable heart is not an option or a luxury; it's not a little thing. Consider: Jesus warns that, as we near the end of the age, a majority of people will be offended to such a degree that they fall away from the faith. Listen carefully to His warning:Then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another?and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Matthew 24:10-12 KJV"Many" will be offended; the love of "many" will grow cold. My prayer is that we will hear His words with holy fear.

When we allow an offense to remain in our hearts, it causes serious spiritual consequences. In the above verse, Jesus named three dangerous results: betrayal, hatred, and cold love. When we are offended with someone, even someone we care for, we must go to them. Otherwise, we begin to betray that relationship, talking maliciously behind their back to others, exposing their weaknesses and sins. We may mask our betrayal by saying we are just looking for advice or counsel, but when we look back, we see we have spoken negatively to far too many people. Our real goal was not to get spiritual help for ourselves but to seek revenge toward the one who offended us. How is such an action not a manifestation of hatred? For an offended soul, cold love, betrayal and hatred go hand-in-hand.

People don't usually stumble over boulders; they stumble over stones, relatively small things. It may be that the personality of someone in authority bothers us and soon we are offended. Or, a friend or family member fails to meet our expectations, and we take an offense into our soul. Beloved, if we will "endure to the end," we will have to confront the things that bother us.

When Jesus warns that we need endurance, He is saying that it is easier to begin the race than finish it. Between now and the day you die, there will be major times of offense that you will need to overcome. You might be in such a time right now. Do not minimize the danger of harboring an offense.

No one plans on falling away; no one ever says, "Today, I think I'll try to develop a hardened, cold heart." Such things enter our souls through stealth and it is only naiveté that assumes it couldn't happen to us. I know many people who consistently become offended about one thing or another. Instead of dealing with the offenses, these people carry them until the weight disables their walk with God. You may be doing fine today, but I guarantee you, tomorrow something will happen that will inevitably disappoint or wound you; some injustice will strike you, demanding you retaliate in the flesh.

An offense can strike at our virtues or sins, our values or our pride. It can penetrate and wound any dimension of the soul, both good and evil. I once brought a series of messages about gossip. Most people saw their sin and repented, but a core group of gossips were greatly offended and ultimately left the church. When the Holy Spirit exposes sin in someone's soul, if we refuse the opportunity to repent, we often become offended at the person who brought the teaching. Instead of humbling our hearts, we are outraged at the pastor or teachers in the church. Truthfully, most of the time, I have no idea who specifically needs to hear what I'm teaching, but God knows.

Paul told Timothy to "reprove, rebuke, exhort" (see 2 Tim. 4:2). He didn't say, "exhort, exhort, exhort," but exhortation is what we receive in most churches. Certainly, we need to be encouraged, but there are also times, beloved, when we need to be reproved and rebuked. Today, there are preachers who are afraid to preach truth for fear people will react and leave the church. The end result is a church of easily offended people who cannot grow beyond their inability to accept correction.People don't change by exhortation alone. There are areas in all of us that need to be confronted and disciplined. The pastor who refuses to discipline and correct those in sin is in disobedience to God. He is unable to lead people into any truly transforming changes in their lives; they will not "endure to the end" if they cannot be corrected (see Matt. 24).

We need to become a people who say, "Lord, show me what needs to change in me." I'm talking about growing up. A wise man will receive a rebuke and he will prosper. But a fool rejects his father's discipline (see Prov. 15:5).

An offense can wound our pride when we are not recognized for our good works or ministry. This happened to my wife and I long ago while in California. We were young pastors at a conference when the main leader decided to personally greet each minister and wife. He greeted the couple on our right and then turned to his staff to ask a question. A moment later he returned, but passed us by and went to the couple on our left. Everyone around us saw we were bypassed. We were embarrassed and offended. But my wife wisely observed that we could allow this thing to hurt us or we could see it as an investment in sensitivity toward other people's feelings. The offense taught us how others feel when they are ignored. Do you see this? You must make that offense become an opportunity to become more Christ-like.

The occasions for taking offense are practically endless. Indeed, we are daily given the opportunity to either be offended by something or to possess an unoffendable heart. The Lord's promise is that He's given us a new heart: a soft, entreatable heart that can be filled with His Spirit and abound with His love.

Lord, forgive me for being so easily offended and for carrying offenses. Father, my heart is foolish and weak. Grant me the unoffendable heart of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Nothing Causes Them to Stumble"Then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another?and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold" (Matt. 24:10-12 KJV).

In the last section we looked at the lethal effect an offended spirit has upon our lives. We discussed how the only way to not be permanently offended was to attain the unoffendable heart of Jesus Christ.

Attaining Christ's heart is not a minor issue. Remember, Jesus warned that, in the last days, "many" would be offended. There is a difference between being wounded and being offended. We will frequently be wounded by an insensitive remark or injustice that occurs. But a "wounded spirit" is not the same thing as an "offended spirit." An offended spirit occurs when we do not process our wounds in a Christlike manner. Indeed, an offended spirit, left unattended and brooding in our minds, will soon manifest as betrayal, hatred, and cold love. Jesus said offenses would be the ultimate cause that would lead many to fall from faith. Listen well: Jesus linked the real cause of apostasy not to wrong doctrines, but wrong reactions.

Aren't right doctrines important? Of course, but we can have right information and still have a wrong response. Doctrinal information can be upgraded and refined, but Proverbs warns that someone "offended is harder to be won than a strong city"; and "contentions" between people "are like the bars of a castle" (see Prov. 18:19).Yes, beware of false leaders, but more deceitful than false prophets or teachers are our own hearts when they are offended (see Jer. 17:9). Are you living with an offended heart? If so, you are gradually slipping away from true Christianity, which is known for its agape love.Thus, dealing with an offended heart is vital in maintaining ongoing spiritual maturity. For this reason, we need to look again at the things which offend us.

Sometimes offenses come because we expect people to fulfill our lives rather than God. Unrealistic or exaggerated expectations inevitably will cause others to fall short and offend us. Some desire their spouse or pastor or friends to meet their every need. God may, indeed, use people to help us. However, at the deepest level, our soul was created to find its security in God, not man. When the Almighty truly becomes our security, our peace flows from His love, wisdom, and unlimited capabilities, and we can live comfortably with imperfect people around us.

Still, the very power of our expectations can choke out the sweetness of a personal relationship. Suppose that, instead of burdening people with our expectations, we simply learned to appreciate them for themselves - no strings attached. The fact is, our loved ones are not under any obligation to fulfill our desires. If they do fulfill them, it is their free choice, not our demands, that makes for a loving relationship.

Part of our problem is the affluent world we live in. We are served by hundreds of nonhuman "slaves," remarkable mechanical devices created just to serve us. Our slaves do laundry, clean dishes, figure bookkeeping and entertain us. They carry us across town and country - and for all they do, we are offended if their service does not meet or exceed our expectations.

Yet, your spouse, friends, or pastor aren't your slaves. Our loved ones didn't come with money-back guarantees. We didn't buy them and we can't trade them for newer models. This may come as a shock, but we don't own our loved ones.

Some act as though they signed a contract with their spouse, such as they would with a carpenter or plumber - do such and such or you won't be paid. If you are an employer, a teacher, or one who trains and holds people accountable, certain expectations are reasonable, but personal relationships are different. What I'm saying is this: What if, instead of expecting my spouse to love and serve me, I put the demand upon myself to love and serve her, no strings attached?

You say, 'But we said vows together. I expect my spouse to fulfill what was promised.' What if she is fulfilling her vows to the best of her ability, but you can't even discern her efforts because you are looking for something else? I'm not saying there shouldn't be times when we openly and honestly talk about our relationships. Certainly, open communication would be helpful, but what if we put the weight of the burden to change upon ourselves instead of our spouse?
Jesus said the greatest among us would be servant of all. We, in our modern world, have things reversed - we are the ones who are supposed to be the slaves. It is only our pride that thinks otherwise.

Suppose that a husband, instead of expecting a full course dinner from his wife each night, learned to appreciate whatever she was able to offer him? Then, instead of his failed expectations becoming an offense, there would be a living, sincere appreciation for the food his wife prepared. I know we have arrangements by common consent, but in reality, a wife is under no obligation to cook special meals or do housekeeping. You did not marry her to be your housekeeper, but to become one with her.

Or imagine a husband who works at a long, tiring job. However, his wife expects that he will work another two hours at home or go shopping with her or listen attentively about her problems. What if, instead, she welcomed him at the door and sincerely thanked him for daily giving himself to support their family? What if she met him, not with demands, but with appreciation? Maybe she would even rub his shoulders when he came home and, because of love, prepare his favorite meal.You see, expectations can seem to be legitimate parts of a relationship, but they can also cause us to be offended and disappointed when people fall short. We should approach personal relationships with only one expectation: to serve - a demand we should put upon ourselves, not others. Let us expect of ourselves to always show love and thanksgiving for whatever we receive from our loved ones.

The psalmist wrote, "Those who love Thy law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble" (Psalm 119:165). There is a place in God where, as we mature, we can possess Christ's perfect response to all things. If we, as pastors and congregations, put away false, unrealistic expectations and focus on becoming Christ-like to one another, we will have great peace. Beloved, nothing will cause us to stumble.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So thankful to the Lord and for prayers.. Left the house this morning feeling aweful!! A friend prayed with me on the phone and I have felt better the rest of the day!! Thank You Lord!!!
Matthew 12:15b: A large crowd followed Him, and He healed {all} who were ill. {emphasis added :-)}

Monday, November 29, 2010

~ You Fail Us Not ~

~ PSALM 116 ~

Psalm 116

I love God because he listened to me, listened as I begged for mercy.
He listened so intently
as I laid out my case before Him.

Death stared me in the face,
hell was hard on my heels.'

Up against it, I didn't know which way to turn;
then I called out to God for help:
"Please, God!" I cried out.
"Save my life!"

God is gracious—it is He who makes things right,
our most compassionate God.

God takes the side of the helpless;
when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.

I said to myself, "Relax and rest.
God has showered you with blessings.
Soul, you've been rescued from death;
Eye, you've been rescued from tears;
And you, Foot, were kept from stumbling."

I'm striding in the presence of God,
alive in the land of the living!

I stayed faithful, though bedeviled,
and despite a ton of bad luck,
Despite giving up on the human race,
saying, "They're all liars and cheats."

What can I give back to God
for the blessings he's poured out on me?

I'll lift high the cup of salvation—a toast to God!
I'll pray in the name of God;
I'll complete what I promised God I'd do,
and I'll do it together with his people.

When they arrive at the gates of death,
God welcomes those who love him.

Oh, God, here I am, your servant,
your faithful servant: set me free for your service!

I'm ready to offer the thanksgiving sacrifice
and pray in the name of God.

I'll complete what I promised God I'd do,
and I'll do it in company with his people,
In the place of worship, in God's house,
in Jerusalem, God's city.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ Happy Fall Y'all! ;-) ~

I love this time of the year! I love how crisp it gets outside, and how the colors change!! I took some pictures recently and just thought I would share... I hope you have a wonderful day... Blessings to you..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

~You're Not Alone~

This video is for a new little friend of mine.. We'll call her "O"...

"O" this song is for you... I hope you know that you are NEVER alone, and that you are so loved...

HE sees you, HE knows you, HE knows the very number of hairs on your head... He planned you, and has a destiny for you...

You are a blessing and a treasure and a beautiful child made in His image... What the Lord says about you is true and anything that anyone has ever said about you,(including yourself)that contradicts that, is a lie... You are precious!

Blessings to you "Little Lady"... XOXOXO


The Lyrics for You're Not Alone:

I search for love, when the night came, and it closed in, I was alone, but You found me, where I was hiding, and now I'll never ever be same, it was the sweetest voice, that called my name sayin

You're not alone, For I am here, let me wipe away your every fear, My love I've never left your side, I have seen you through the darkest night, And I'm the One that who's loved you all your life, All of your life

You cry your self to sleep, cause the hurt is real, and the pain cuts deep, all hope seems lost, with heart ache your closest friend, and everyone else long gone, you've had to face the music on your own, but there is a sweeter song that calls you home, saying

You're not alone, For I am here, let me wipe away your every tear, My love I've never left your side, I have seen you through the darkest nights, And I'm the One who's love you all your life, All your life

Faithful and true... Forever, For My love will carry you...

You're not alone, for I... I am here, let Me wipe away your every fear... Oh yeah, My love I've never left your side, I have seen you through your darkest night,

Your darkest nights, And I'm the One that's loved you all your life,
All of your life.......

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We are again experiencing the disappointment and even disillusionment that comes when perceived servants of God fail. This is a dangerous time for us. How will we respond? Will we privately rejoice because we saw flaws and cautions that others did not see? Do we discount those who were healed, who came to faith or who experienced the move of God? Are we to assume that everything was a farce? Was there never any real hunger for God? Was it all sham and hypocrisy?

Years ago when a prominent television evangelist's moral failure was exposed, another television evangelist was publicly harsh and judgmental in his assessment. The Lord laid on my heart to write that television evangelist a letter. "Brother, be careful. ‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matt. 7:1-2).'" A few weeks later the sexual failure of the man who had done the judging was paraded before the American public. Most of us would affirm the gifting that was in both these men, but their character did not match their gifting.

Character and gifting are different. This is why we can sometimes see extremely gifted-of-God men and women who fail morally.

Remember the mightily gifted Samson whose character never matched the gifting. Do not forget David, the murderer-adulterer. Was David anointed? Yes. Gifted? Yes. Did he fall? Yes. Was he restored? Yes. Were there consequences of his failure? Yes. Yet God later described him as "a man after my own heart (Acts 13:20)."

Have we considered the fact that Peter lied three times on the night of Jesus' betrayal, but 50 days later was God's chosen spokesperson to call the nation to repentance? I wonder if that young servant girl to whom Peter had lied was in the crowd that Pentecost day. If so, how difficult was it for her to hear the gospel through Peter's flawed, yet restored lips?

Sometimes, when we sin, we are restored to our ministry and destiny. At other times, according to God's own choosing, we forfeit a portion of our inheritance. This was true of Moses who, in that moment of pride said, "Must we bring you water from this rock (Num. 20:10)?" Because of his sin, Moses never entered the land of his inheritance. He was still the leader, but his time was cut short.

It is appropriate for us to "test the spirits to see whether they are from God" (1 John 4:1), while at the same time realizing that we all are works-in-progress. We cannot only affirm as gifted those whose walk is perfect, yet "if someone is caught in a sin, [we] who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted" (Gal. 6:1).

May this recent exposure call forth an examination of our own lives! What about our own marriages? Are we loving our husbands, our wives? Are we walking in pride? Are we accountable?

As you examine your heart, pray this prayer, asking God to do His refining and strengthening work in you:

"Lord, have mercy upon us! Turn our propensity for judgment into mercy and intercession. May the disappointment and disillusionment that is ours through the sin of another work in us a radical pursuit of You, Lord; of Your Presence and Your gifts! May Godly character be worked in all of us! And may we be so open to Your will in our lives that when the fire and glory of God descend upon us, we will not disintegrate, but will be ignited with Holy Spirit power for the glory of God the Father and Jesus our Messiah and soon-returning King!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

~Encouragement: Breakthrough Does Come!~

I just wanted to encourage someone today to NOT GIVE UP!

You may have been praying for something for days, weeks, months or YEARS and feel like nothing is happening, that everything is still the same!!.... But the Lord is working behind the scenes...

Then, one... day... it... just... happens... A breakthrough! You think that it just suddenly happened, but He has been working the whole time...

And all that time that you have been waiting, will seem like no time at all... {I know it sounds weird, but it is true...}

I pray that whoever reads this will keep pressing in, and rest in Him all at the same time....

Breakthrough is coming...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A few weeks ago, my mom was in town visiting us from Texas... One afternoon she and I went out to eat for lunch... It was a B E A U T I F U L day so we decided to eat outside...

While we were sitting there enjoying each other's company, we hear a *CRASH* and my mom freaked out because someone had just run into my car... So, I got my purse and walked over there to get the whole process started..

This lady who is probably in her 60's asked a person walking by if it was their car, and I said, "No, it is mine." We looked at the back of my car and the fender was dented in pretty good, but not a big deal... She just keep saying over and over again how sorry she was and was visibly VERY upset... And I am thinking "There is more to this than just this little crash." She started crying and I said, "it is okay!" I grabbed her arms and said it again, to reassure her... She cried harder and we embraced in a tight hug... All I could do was hold her and let her cry...

She finally started to tell me her story... She had been in town caring for her sister who was in hospice... They said it would not be long, and she decided to go home and rest for a few days and come back.. She said that she saw the bakery that we were eating at and stopped because she knew her husband would enjoy the cookies... She got the cookies and was backing out to head home {2.5-3hrs. away} when she crashed into my car... She said, "this is the first time I have let myself cry". And I said, "it is ok.."

We embraced again and I asked her if I could pray for her, and she let me...
After we did everything we needed to do, she said, "I know the Lord let me hit you." And I knew He did too... The Lord knows what we need when we need it, and she needed to cry and have SOMEONE listen to her and hold her, and HE did... {We are His hands and feet.}

I looked at the dent later and said to my mom, "look it is shaped like a heart!".... {I wish I had gotten a picture of it!}

I have had people ask me at different times, "Are you serving?" Because they do not know if I am or not... And my response is, "I serve, you just don't know about it.." I serve as the Lord leads... But, I think that sometimes people think that you have to serve in the four walls of the church to be serving... I disagree... I say "SERVE WHERE YOU ARE...!"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ Attitude is Everything ~

Philippians 4:11b, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances…

”There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head.

Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today." So she did and she had a wonderful day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head.

"H-M-M," she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today." So she did and she had a grand day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head.

"Well," she said, "today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail." So she did and she had a fun, fun day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head.

"YEA!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!"

{The road you are traveling may be difficult and even heartbreaking. These seasons of life are inevitable. Yet, how we respond makes a tremendous difference. We can ask for God’s strength to help us. We can choose the attitudes we live by, even on our darkest day.~Leslie Snyder}

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

* The Normal Christian Life *

"For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power."
1 Cor. 4:20 NKJV

It is abnormal for a Christian not to have an appetite for the impossible. It has been written into our spiritual DNA to hunger for the impossibilities around us to bow at the name of Jesus.

The lack of miracles isn't because it is not in God's will for us. The problem exists between our ears. As a result, a transformation, a renewing of the mind, is needed, and it's only possible through a work of the Holy Spirit that typically comes upon desperate people.

Stories of the impossible are becoming the norm, and the company of people who have joined this quest for an authentic gospel, the gospel of the Kingdom, is increasing. Loving God and His people is an honor. We will no longer make up excuses for powerlessness because powerlessness is inexcusable. Our mandate is simple: raise up a generation that can openly display the raw power of God.

Excerpts from When Heaven Invades Earth chapter 1
by Bill Johnson
Destiny Image Publishers

Friday, July 9, 2010

~ Real Life Chronicles ~ {I Stand in Awe}

{Holding my precious 1st born in August 1995}

I don't even know where to begin... I am in complete and utter awe today... The Lord has just blessed me more than I could even ever wish for or deserve...

I am getting another second chance...

If you have followed my blog at all you know that I have written about how the Lord delivered me from drugs and alcohol in June 2004...

Some months before that my son's father came back into his life, after being gone for 3 years.

When his dad came back, I let them see each other... I let his dad have another chance with Trent...

In February 2004 Trent was 7 years old and was not happy about me disciplining him, and told me he wanted to go live with his dad.. I was a functioning alcoholic at that point, but when Trent left, I went ahead and hit bottom... Bad...

Then in June, four months later the Lord saved and delivered me from drugs and alcohol.. You can read about it HERE

It has been a hard, hard, hard, gut-wrentching road not having my baby with me on a daily basis... All I ever wanted was to have a family and be a mommy... It has been humbling, and I even now see how the Lord was restoring time to his dad, even when he did not deserve it... I judged him for being out of the picture, and judged my parents for the things they did. I learned how to forgive him and my parents...

I thought on Thursday that I was going to be sending him back off to Texas, but everything changed... Trent told me that he wanted to move here, and start school here in the fall...

So we talked about it, and talked to his dad and the decision has been made...

He is coming home...

I don't even know what to say... I get another second chance... I don't deserve it, but I am going to receive this blessing, and soak it up... I am in awe... The Lord has taught me so much in this time... 7 years is a long season, but it is over and a new one is beginning... I am humbled and overjoyed, and so... in... awe...

Thank You Father... thank You...
Joel 2:25: And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten--the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust.....

Psalm 103:1~5: Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits- who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Monday, July 5, 2010

~ History Makers ~ By Kris Vallotton

Every so often in the course of history there are individuals born who defy common reason and statistical explanation. These are the great ones, who break the tether of their generation’s expectations and rise to the high call that seems to echo from somewhere beyond the grave.

The prophets of old peered into the future and spoke of these violent ones who would force their way into the Kingdom, take hold of Heaven and pull it down to earth. These reigning saints refuse to have their exploits be a mere reflection of the past, but instead break the gravitational barriers of naysayers and doubters, and journey far beyond the boundaries of reason into places where no one has ever gone before. Ultimately they capture the prize of the upward call of God that lies in Christ Jesus. These are God’s history makers, the Lord’s chosen people, His mighty men, His holy nation.

Many of us can feel the vacuum of this vortex drawing our hearts into this divine destiny. We find our inner man longing, stirring, and burning for the great adventure. Live or die, we must press through the walls of mediocrity and find the Promised Land of our souls. We live with a passion to be numbered among those who have gained fame in the halls of Heaven and are feared among the prison guards of hell. If we are going to walk as God’s ruling royalty, we have to:

➢ Pray unceasingly

➢ Give sacrificially

➢ Dream unreasonably

➢ Serve wholeheartedly

➢ Love unashamedly

➢ Walk innocently

➢ Believe undoubtingly

➢ Live powerfully

These are the qualities of the Bride of Christ in all of her glory. She is called to be the most creative force on the face of the earth. Therefore, we must not allow ourselves to become known for our boxes, that is, famous for what we don’t do because of our “righteous”constrictions. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin had certain moral values that restrained their behavior, but they were famous for what they did, not for what they didn’t do! It would be tragic if the most creative people on the face of the earth allowed themselves to be reduced to rent-a-cops guarding a box (The Ark of the Covenant) that God vacated 2,000 years ago.

The truth is that if we don’t take our rightful place in the earth, we will relegate sinners, void of the mind of Christ, barred from the wisdom of the ages, and wandering in utter darkness, to being the most brilliant minds of our time! If the brightest light in this world belonged to those locked in darkness, how great would the darkness be in our world? Something is fundamentally wrong with this picture, but this is our brain on religion. Religion is like kryptonite to Superman. Religion can conform the most righteous, reigning saints into mindless zombies, puppets repeating someone else’s convictions they don’t even understand themselves.

Attack Of The Clones

I am convinced that religion is the father of genetic cloning. Religion invented cloning long before the world ever thought of it. Religion has a way of sucking the most powerful people on the planet into a spiritual look-a-like contest, calling it discipleship. True discipleship is meant to empower people to be transformed into the image of their Creator, but religion redefines the terms, conforming people into replicas of their leaders. Religion takes God’s mighty men and makes them artifacts in a museum.

Religious people, like the Pharisees of old, have the hardest time reaching out to folks who think “outside of the box” and don’t behave inside their hopeless shackles. Part of the struggle comes from what they have done to the Savior of the world. They have sterilized the gospel. Jesus took water and turned it to wine, but 2,000 years later, today’s Pharisees have diluted it to grape juice. Religion has reduced the supernatural power of God to a history lesson about serving the dead body of a helpless Christ who, still nailed to the Cross, is incapable of rocking their sacred boat. They emphasize the drowning of baptism, arguing over how people should get wet and what should be said over them during their dipping. Religious people have lost touch with the fact that the bold print of baptism is not on the descent but on the ascension. The death of Christ paid for our sins, but it was His resurrection that gave life to our mortal bodies. Religion embraces death sadistically and moves the risen Christ out of the garden and back to the tomb. Religious people pray things like “God, kill me,” not realizing that even the One who came to give His life as a ransom for us all prayed, “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup (of death) from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). Jesus did not want to die; He wanted to do His Father’s will. If religion had its way, it would rewrite Mary’s proclamation to read, “He is in the tomb just where we laid Him!” We have lost sight of the fact that the Cross was for the old man not the new man, and that the true Christian life is not about dying for Christ, but living in the life He purchased for us to establish His Kingdom on earth! The Church must shake off the shackles of religion and embrace our supernatural destiny.

Our Commission

The world is crying out in distress, and we must not miss this kairos moment, the opportunity of the ages. In the late sixties, the Beatles took America by storm. In a few short years, four boys from Liverpool altered the course of our nation’s history. Soon after, the world was swept into the wake of their anointing—all while they were singing “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” But it wasn’t long before the Fab Four started to experience a crisis in their own souls. They began to cry out in desperation, singing,

Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, help

When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody’s help in any way.
But now those days are gone, I’m not so self-assured
Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down
And I do appreciate you being ‘round
Help me get my feet back on the ground.
Won’t you please, please help me
Help me, help me, ooh.

But their cry for help fell on deaf ears in the sanctuary of hope, and soon they were calling Hare Krishna their “sweet lord.” The Church can’t afford to fall asleep in the harvest today as we have done so many times in the past. We are not supposed to reflect our culture; we are commissioned to transform it.

We are called to disciple all the nations of the world. Discipling nations means submerging them in God—not religion—and “teaching them all I commanded you” (Matthew 28:20). Teaching nations how to think is the transformational catalyst to changing cultures. But as long as Christians aren’t valued in society, they will have no influence in the world. (You only have as much influence in people’s lives as they have value for you. Anytime you try to have more influence than someone has value for you, you will manipulate them.) It is imperative that we become kings who understand the ways royal people influence authority. Otherwise, we will reduce ourselves to social begging, hoping that the BIG, powerful people feel compassion for us and help our cause. This poisonous poverty mindset reduces the Christian message to a cry for help instead of a call for leadership. We don’t need nations to change for our sake. We have a living, abiding, unshakable Kingdom that dwells within us and prospers under all circumstances. We need the nations to change for the sake of those still lost in darkness. They need the culture around them to create a safe environment for them until they get the Kingdom within them.

This cultural begging has relegated the Kingdom of God to a subculture. God never intended Christianity to be a subculture. Subcultures are those cultures that are subservient to a more powerful culture. The world’s commentary on the first century Church reflects the true influence we are meant to have in society. They proclaimed, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too” (Acts 17:6 NKJV). We are called to turn the world around and set it back on its feet again. We are to be counter-culture until the mindset of the nations begins to take on the attitude of the Kingdom. Christians are not subservient to the world because God has assigned us the highest level of authority that exists on this planet. When Christians lose their desire and courage to confront the evils of our day honorably, we begin to be influenced by the lying principalities that are also commissioned to disciple the nations, but with an antichrist agenda. These demonic forces work to dethrone the Prince of Peace, who is the rightful prince of the principles that make societies prosper, and instead enthrone the prince of darkness. Consequently, the enabling principles of a culture become demonically inspired instead of Kingdom in-Spirited. This dark prince works to establish evil thinking that leads to destructive behaviors. But when Jesus rules, He enables the principles of the King to transform the culture through the mind of Christ. In other words, people in a nation governed by the Kingdom begin to think like God!

However, it is important that we learn how to carry His power and authority. If we believers become combative instead of honorably confronting, we will reduce our influence to the small pond of the church and render ourselves powerless in the ocean of humanity. We are to carry God’s authority into the lives of people and nations through invitation, not through intrusion or invasion. Although we are called to be combative to the powers of darkness, we are to be honorably confronting to people, demonstrating the benefits and rewards of a superior Kingdom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~ Leaving a Legacy ~

The other day my husband was going to work out in the yard. My youngest Drake asks: "Can I help?" Steve says: "Sure buddy.."
So they got out there and started working away... together...
I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of the process, and thought about how sweet it was to see them working together... Here are a few shots...



I did not think much of it, but then the next day Drake asks if there is anything that he could help his dad do in the yard again.. Then he says: "I am an outdoor kinda guy.."

They go outside again, then Drake decides he wants to build something. He grabs some wood, nails and a hammer... And asks his dad for some help... Steve stopped the work he was doing to go help Drakester.. I am washing the dishes and could see what was going on, and thinking how precious it is to see my husband and my son working on something together {they are best friends so this is nothing new, just so precious to my heart}... I felt like the Lord whispered to my heart: "He is building a legacy.."

{I grew up without a dad, and Steve had a dad, but his dad was not really there in a way that children need their daddy's...}

There were so many things that ran through my heart and mind... Steve could be doing so many other things but he was investing time and building intimacy with his son, but not only that, I knew that this investment of time would affect our grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on... He is building a legacy and it will affect generations, that I believe can affect the culture... And it has to start at home...

I started to cry thinking about how the Lord has redeemed so much in our lives, and how very thankful I am... I prayed for any future boys in our family, that they would leave a legacy for their children in that way too...

Steve and I grew up without the Lord in our lives or our families lives, but He is so faithful and captured our hearts...

The picture below made me think of how the Lord got a hold of us, and we stood up and said "yes" to the Lord... And how because of Jesus and what He did on the cross and Him giving us the love and tools we need, ~the old, dead roots of the past are being pulled up!

Isaiah 58:12: Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.

Isaiah 61:4: They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.

Nehemiah 2:18: I also told them about the gracious hand of my God upon me and what the king had said to me. They replied, "Let us start rebuilding." So they began this good work.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Breaking Process by Jentzen Franklin

"Your kingdom come. Your will be done." Mt 6:10 NKJV

In the breaking process God's intention is not to destroy your will, but redirect it; not to rob you of self-worth, but to let you see that He is the source of your worth. Gideon's three hundred soldiers had to break their pitchers, which made them vulnerable to attack, before the light within them could shine out and the enemy be defeated (See Jdg 7). Elisha had to break his plow, which represented his financial security, before he could qualify for a double portion of God's Spirit (See 1Ki 19:19-21). Mary had to break her alabaster box, which represented her dowry and hope for marriage, in order to receive Christ's highest commendation (See Mk 14:3-9). Brokenness is costly; it happens in stages. Stage 1: Repentance. After his affair with Bathsheba David prayed, "The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit" (Ps 51:17 NLT). Stage 2: Discipline. "I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified" (1Co 9:27 NKJV). Stage 3: Intimacy. You love prayer and God's Word because you "connect" with Him through them. But you'll have to fight the distractions around you to get to the place of intimacy, and fight the carnality within you to stay there. The real issue in brokenness is-submitting to God's control. Dick Rasanen writes: "Dear God, I find it so easy to try to be the one in charge. I find it so painful to realize that I am not the one in control. Help me to know when saying ‘I just work here' it's a confession, and not just a way of evading responsibility."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~ Testimony Tuesday ~

I have not done one of these in awhile... And there are soooo many testimonies lately that I could do... I love hearing people's testimonies.. It builds my faith soooo much... PLUS: {Revelation 12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony}...

Anyway~ The Lord has really been speaking to me about something over and over and over... It is crazy, because I feel like: "Lord, do I even dare to dream that this could happen?" This something has to do with Texas, and He has been placing it on my heart for a month to 2 months... I have gone back and forth, cried, doubted, gotten excited, etc...

So fast forward to February 17th... A friend of mine who is also my neighbor went with me to Texas for a girls weekend getaway... We wanted to get out of the snow and into some warmer weather, so we made plans to meet up at my parents and with my best girlfriends from Texas...

Anyone who knows me, knows that flying is NOT one of my favorite things to do, BUT in this season in my life, I find myself flying A L O T! {The Lord has a funny way of helping you get over your fears.}

Well my friend and I were playing Farkle on the plane, and then she got up to go to the restroom.. {which I didn't really like.. I hate it when people get up and walk around.. I feel like everyone needs to stay in their seats and NOT ROCK THE PLANE! OK?! :-) J/K kinda..}

Anyway, after she left I decided to look out the window and could not believe what I saw... I grabbed my camera and only had enough battery to capture the one shot {which I am so thankful for}, but wish I could have gotten more because it got bigger!

Here is what I saw~

It is kind of hard to see but it is a perfect circle rainbow!!! I did not even know that they existed.. It was soooo amazing and it got bigger too.. It was so beautiful! The sun was not even shining on that side of the plane..

When I got to TEXAS I looked it up on the Internet to see if anyone knew what this was, because I did not know anyone that had ever seen this.. I came across a website that gives you reasons, scientifically, why these happen... {I didn't care about that part because I knew the Lord meant for me to see it...} The name of these circle rainbows is amazing. They are called: "Glories"...

This circle rainbow has so many meanings for me: God's promises, things coming full circle regarding Texas, etc... It blessed me that He would just be in my face like that...

I love You Lord... Thank You...

P.S. I would love for you to add some way that the Lord has made Himself known to you or confirmed things to you lately...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Jeremiah 30:17: But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the LORD...

Jeremiah 33:6: 'Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

The Cleansing Stream

O now I see the crimson wave,
The fountain deep and wide;
The blood which Christ so freely gave,
Which all our sins will hide.

The cleansing stream,
I see! I see!
And now by faith it cleanseth me.
O, praise the Lord, it cleanseth me!

It cleanseth me, yes, cleanseth me!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have a dear friend that is starting a new chapter in her ministry life... I met her 2007 after answering an ad...

In the ad in my neighborhood news letter, it said that they were offering a "Post Abortive" Bible Study at a nearby church... I was in SHOCK!! I knew that the Lord forgave me for going through abortion, but I had NO IDEA He wanted to actually heal me from it...

Up to that point, I had been in and out of depression... I didn't know why. I had been saved for three years, and knew I was forgiven {but probably only in my mind.. I guess my heart did not know yet..}. But after meeting Yvonne and going through the Bible Study, I realized I had not grieved my loss... And I really did not know before then that the Lord didn't want me to hold on to that..

I can't tell you the how much freedom I have had since then... Thank You Lord...

And I think that one of the things that has shocked me the most is that He would not only heal me from something I did, but that He would use it to help someone else...

I shared what I went through at my church and they decided to hold the Bible Study there and five women within this tiny church came forward.. {so many suffer in silence..}

I was also asked to share my testimony in a women's prison in Indianapolis, Indiana... The ministry that asked me to share, had been told that they were not aloud to address abortion with the women. I was told that since it was my testimony, then I could share... It was amazing... The Lord knows our struggles, He knew that there were many women in that room who had gone through the same thing I did, and they were hurting. He wanted to bring healing that day, and I believe He did...

I can't tell you how much the Lord healed me through a Post Abortive Bible Study and blessed me through the friendship I have with Yvonne...

If you or anyone you know has gone through an abortion, I think you would really be blessed by checking out her blog at: NEW BEGINNINGS. {And if you happen to live in the West Houston/Katy/Sugarland/Brookshire/Fulsher area, and need the kind of healing I am talking about go to:}

Friday, January 29, 2010


Matthew 22: 34-40: Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together.

One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:

"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"

Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'

This is the first and greatest commandment.

And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."
(emphasis added.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~The Irresistible Revolution~

I "stumbled" across this book the other day... There are some books that I would suggest that people need to read as they go on their journey with the Lord, and this is another one!! It is so amazing and so real and has opened up the word to me!

I am excited for what the Lord is doing! Thank You Lord!!!

I highly recommend this book!!

Have a blessed day!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

~The Gospel~

in a world of doubt i will have faith

in a world of hate i will love

in a world of selfishness i will forget myself

in a world of those who give up i will persevere

in a world of greed i will give, and give again

in a world of lies i will tell the truth

in a world of fear i will have courage

in a world of lust i will have self-control

in a world of jealousy i will be content

in a world of those who want more i will be thankful

in a world of thieves i will give up and give

in a world of apathy i will be compassionate

in a world of negativity i will hope

in a world of brutality i will have mercy

in a world of independence i will join hands with others

in a world of confusion i will be understanding

in a world of bitterness i will forgive

in a world of backstabbers i will be trustworthy

in a world of pain i will bring healing

in a world of sorrow i will bring joy

in a world of loneliness i will be a friend

in a world of anger i will bring peace

in a world of violence i will give a hug

in a world of distaster i will bring laughter

in a world of disappointment i will tell good news

in a world of rulers i will serve

in a world of inconsistency i will stand on your foundation

in a world of destructive words i will speak encouragement

in a world of perversion i will be set apart and pure

in a world of fakes i will be genuine, real, and transparent

in a world of self-righteousness i will confess my guilt

in a world of death i will receive God’s love

in a world of foolishness i will be lead by the Holy Spirit

in a world of dissipation i will be transformed

in a world of comfort i will suffer

in a world of entitlement and possession i will sacrifice

in a world of rights i will be wronged

in a world of rebellion and defiance i will obey

in a world of injustice i will do what is right

in a world of strength i will be meek

in a world of rudeness i will be considerate

in a world of “wisdom” i will be foolish

in a world of distraction i will focus

in a world of people who know everything i will learn

in a world of people quick to speak i will be ready to listen

Copied from DatHouse website