Monday, December 27, 2010

~What Did You Learn In 2010 & What Are Your Dreams in 2011?~

1. What were the most profound words or thing you heard, read, saw this year? What impact did it have on your life?:

~ a friend of mine said to me "stay committed." It impacted me that day and continues to impact me on so many levels.. I am thankful for the truth spoken in love..

2. Did you learn something new about friendships? If so, what?:

~{That I really should follow my gut.} And cherish the true friendships that the Lord has given me.. {and that I can't please everyone..} that some friendships are really just for a season {which I hate, but am thankful for, and wouldn't be who I am without them.} and aside from that, if it is a true friendship, you don't let it go by the wayside, and that you tell each other the truth in love, and you let the other person tell you the truth, in love... <3

3. Did you learn something new about people? If so, what?:

~Everyone out there is struggling with something, whether they admit it or not, whether they know it or not...

4. Did you learn something new about yourself? What is it?:

~That I am stronger than I think... That it is ok to be misunderstood {although it is hard}... That I can overcome things I thought I never could.. And that the Lord.... really.... does.... delight in me...

5. Were you challenged in any way or were you stretched as a person this year? {and even if it was hard, how did it help you grow and you were better for it?}:

~YES! {but who wasn't?!} I was challenged in relationships... It was crazy, hard, wonderful and rewarding.. I would have never learned what I did had I not gone through it... I have learned what forgiveness is and is not... I learned how to put my heart out there when I was scared to. Also: stepping up to challenges that I was scared to do, but were so rewarding, and b/c of it met some amazing people...

6. Do you feel like you are doing in life what you were created for? If not, what steps will you take in 2011 to get the ball rolling?:

~I feel like I am on the way to where I am going ;-)... The steps I will take in 2011 are to not freak out when I am asked to step out and do what He has called me to do! {by His grace!}

7. What is the one thing or things you want to leave behind in 2010?:

~I am leaving behind: People pleasing, hurt and anger and FEAR! yay!

8. What is your prayer for your family in 2011?:

~That we ALL, near and far, know the Lord more than we do now and in a more intimate way! And that blessing will overtake them!!

9. Can you tell me of a prayer that was answered this year? {Please feel free to write as many as you want..}:

~I have so many.. Big and small.. Thank You Lord.. The Lord has restored in so many ways... HE HAS RESTORED MY FAMILY {and even in that has answered so many other prayers.}, He has restored relationships, He has given me more of a desire to know Him and His word...

10. What is "your" New Year's "DECLARATION"?:

~My declaration is to live life in Him to the fullest, to treat my body as His temple, to slow down and enjoy those around me, to find something {but probably many things} to be thankful for on a daily basis, that my eyes would be open to those who are hurting and do something about it {there is always something we can do, and prayer is #1! :-) }

There is so much that we can learn from each other! Thank you for sharing! Love you and blessings to you in the New Year!

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