Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A few weeks ago, my mom was in town visiting us from Texas... One afternoon she and I went out to eat for lunch... It was a B E A U T I F U L day so we decided to eat outside...

While we were sitting there enjoying each other's company, we hear a *CRASH* and my mom freaked out because someone had just run into my car... So, I got my purse and walked over there to get the whole process started..

This lady who is probably in her 60's asked a person walking by if it was their car, and I said, "No, it is mine." We looked at the back of my car and the fender was dented in pretty good, but not a big deal... She just keep saying over and over again how sorry she was and was visibly VERY upset... And I am thinking "There is more to this than just this little crash." She started crying and I said, "it is okay!" I grabbed her arms and said it again, to reassure her... She cried harder and we embraced in a tight hug... All I could do was hold her and let her cry...

She finally started to tell me her story... She had been in town caring for her sister who was in hospice... They said it would not be long, and she decided to go home and rest for a few days and come back.. She said that she saw the bakery that we were eating at and stopped because she knew her husband would enjoy the cookies... She got the cookies and was backing out to head home {2.5-3hrs. away} when she crashed into my car... She said, "this is the first time I have let myself cry". And I said, "it is ok.."

We embraced again and I asked her if I could pray for her, and she let me...
After we did everything we needed to do, she said, "I know the Lord let me hit you." And I knew He did too... The Lord knows what we need when we need it, and she needed to cry and have SOMEONE listen to her and hold her, and HE did... {We are His hands and feet.}

I looked at the dent later and said to my mom, "look it is shaped like a heart!".... {I wish I had gotten a picture of it!}

I have had people ask me at different times, "Are you serving?" Because they do not know if I am or not... And my response is, "I serve, you just don't know about it.." I serve as the Lord leads... But, I think that sometimes people think that you have to serve in the four walls of the church to be serving... I disagree... I say "SERVE WHERE YOU ARE...!"


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  2. What a wonderful story Tracy! Brought tears to my eyes.