Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok, my family and friends know that I have become a Goodwill freak...!! I can't help it! I love finding, what I think is, treasure!!

I have not put all my finds on here, but these are some... I put them on here mainly because I tried to send the pictures to my mom through email and it didn't work, so I told her that I would post them on my blog...

I am proud of my finds! I love it!

Tapestry $2.99

Napkin Holders .49 cents each

I needed some pretty water glasses for decorating a table at church and found these glasses... I went on half-price day and got them for .99 cents each!


Bottle, Plate, and Box (I don't remember what I paid for each... But, not
more than $2.00...)

My mother-n-law bought the shelves $20

This bottle still had the price tag on... It was $14.99... Goodwill had it for
$6.00, but I went on Half-price day... $3.00!

My pretty rooster... No more than $2.00

This is a planter... It is extremely heavy... I got it for $3.99

Chenille curtains. They were still in their package w/ the price tag for:
$34.99 each... I got them for $1.99 each!

I love this wallet... It is brand new, and I found it still in the box with
the price tag.. The original price tag says $40.00... Goodwill was asking
$20.00 and I went to the half-price day today... $10.00!!

Pretty beaded lamp... $3.99

Gold charger: $1.99 each... Went to Half-price day and got
them for .99 cents each!

Blue bottles... The biggest one still had price tag on it for $9.99.
I paid $1.99 and the rest were less than that...

Chest: I think I paid $4.99

Red Bottles: Large: $1.99 Small: .99cents

Ok: I wanted to change out our bedding, and found the bedding that I
wanted at Target... It had all this stuff that you needed to buy
separate.. So, I left and prayed about it... The pillow in the middle was
$24.99 and the others were $19.00... Anyway, on the way home I decided
to stop by Goodwill... The targets around here send their damaged stuff, or
stuff that is out of season to the Goodwills... I found the middle pillow and one
on the right for $4.99 each (new!) So, I went back and got the rest of the
stuff! I saved $35.00!

Oh and I got the gold pillow shams from there for $1.99 each!

I can't help myself! I love to save money! It is almost like a challenge to me! I would still do this even if money was no object!


  1. Where is your good will? Man, mine never gets treasures like that!

  2. Wow, Tracy, your finds are awesome! Thanks for sharing them. I enjoyed reading through some other posts on your blog as well. Thanks for the encouragement and insight! Keep up the wonderful work!