Monday, July 21, 2008

You May Tell Me to Sit Down, But I am Standing Up on the Inside!

This is Drakester, and he is a funny character.. He is usually the type that just rolls with the punches. I always say: "I want a heart like his when I grow up." When I think about Drake, I think: Handsome, Kind, Compassionate, Hilarious, Giving.. To me he is: my heart and joy... It does not matter how bad of a mood I am in, he can make me laugh. He is usually very positive.. (accept when we were in Texas for our visit. He was very different than his normal self..) He definitely has the gift of giving and the gift to GAB!!!
Anyway: he got in trouble the other day and I had given him plenty of chances to obey me... (He kept getting up from the table when he was suppose to be eating lunch.) So, I finally told him that he was going to have to sit out for ten minutes when everyone else went out to start playing... He was VERY sad about that! He begged me not to, but I knew I had to follow through... (watch my follow-through..)
I tell him to go sit on the couch with no T.V.
This is how the time went:
Minute one: silence
Minute two: Drake: "Mom, can I get out now?" Me: "No, it has only been two minutes...
Minute three: silence
Minute four: Drake: "Mom, do you know what time-out is?" Me: "Yes, and if you keep talking you are going to add to your time."
Minute five: silence
Minute six: Drake: "Mommy, I love you." Me: "I love you too."
Minute seven: Drake: "Can I get out now?" Me: "No, you have three more minutes."(I wonder if he still loves me... he he..)
Minute eight: silence
Minute nine: he starts singing... Me: (I say kind of in a joking way..) No, singing you are not supposed to be having fun in Time-Out.. Drake: "Well, I kind of am having fun.." Me: (I was trying not to let him notice how that made me laugh..)
Minute ten: Me: "OK, go out and play.."
Like I said, for the most part he does not let things get him down (even though he did it himself and was sad at first...) When he gets lemons in life, he makes lemonade!

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  1. Drake you are a HOOT and a TOOT! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did in Hunt...well, I used to laugh pretty hard with your mother when we were younger....No wonder you are so goofy! Thanks for making me laugh to tears! I can't wait to see you again! Making people laugh is your gift...and laughter is good for the soul!
    Have you been wavin' at any teenage girls lately?? Love, Mrs. Kellie