Monday, July 21, 2008


When I think about Trent, I think: Courageous, Strong, Brilliant, Funny and Handsome... (And he will tell you that too.. He is kidding of course!)Beneath the tuff exterior he has a sweet heart.... He is alot like I used to be... (The tough exterior...) To me Trent is: my heart and strength...

He is a "go-getter", and he will accomplish anything he sets his mind to... I am not boasting, I just wish I was more like him!

He is who made me a mom, and helped the walls around my heart start to fall... I did not know what love was or how strong it could be until I had him... Thank You Lord!

My sweet boy has been here for three weeks today, and he goes back to Texas tonight... I love him so much and miss him already! But, I am going to be strong this time, and when I can't I will run to the Lord...

He is a blessing!

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  1. Trent it has been a really long time since I have seen you but I am NOT surpised at what a wonderful young man you have grown into. YOu have great parents who love you SOOOOO much! I know Jace thought you were pretty cool too! Don't change! See you next summer, in Hunt! Love, Mrs. Kellie