Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God Is Amazing!

Let me start out with saying that: Sunday after church we were trying to figure out a way for Trent to stay until the following weekend.. In order for him to stay that long he would have to fly back to Houston, not San Antonio...
When we got home I called the airline... First they told me that they could not change cities. Period.. They said that I could cancel his ticket and get a little refund, and buy a new ticket. Their website has flights going to Houston for about $500.00, then you add on $100.00 for an unaccompanied minor fee.. We have so many things coming up, (braces, football, cavities, wisdom tooth, etc.) we just were not able to do it.
I was sad because I did not want him to go yesterday, but I just put on my brave face... (The last time he left I cried the whole day and watched as his plane took off and cried some more..) I do pretty good as long as I don't spend to much time in his room....
We get to the airport yesterday and they say it is an hour delay and the plane was in another state... No, biggie, instead of 6:45pm it went to 7:45pm... Which meant my mom and PawPaw were going to have to pick him up @9:25pm and then drive for an hour 1/2..
Then the lady came on and said that they did not know if they could fix the plane.. But, if they could then they would be here sometime around that time, but if they could not they would ferry in the flight crew and they would fly another plane, but that that one would take off @9:13pm... So, I made my calls... (Personally, I did not want him on the plane that needed to be fixed..) I didn't care, I just wanted him safe!
The last word we got was (@7:04pm) that the plane would take off at 10:50pm, mind you we got to the airport at 5:30pm... I felt at peace though... It was weird! :)
So, I asked the lady if we could put him on another flight on another day... She said that there was one the next day... But, then my brain started going a hundred miles an hour...
I prayed and asked her if there is anyway that we could change cities, and fly him back on Saturday... She made a call, did some research (I prayed), and she said that they do not normally change cities, but that she would let us change it for a change fee... (they would not even let me change cities for a change fee on Sunday PERIOD..) The change fee was $150 plus $25 UMF! HELLO!!! What was going to cost us around $500 - $600 according to their prices, ended up costing $175.00 because it was their issue!!!!!!!!!
I was sad cause we couldn't change before... Decided to be thankful anyway..
We sat in the airport for 3 hours: BUT - Trent and I got to have dinner together and have some one-on-one time...
The Lord gave me the desire of my heart, and the airline allowed something that they do not do, AND we saved a bunch of money!!!!
The Lord just keeps on showing me I can trust HIM...
Like I said in an earlier blog, so many things have happened since we have moved here (I will detail in a blog soon), but inspite of it all, HE keeps on showing me who HE is and how faithful HE is... It has just come wrapped in a different package than I am expecting... This particular lesson was a fun one..
Thank You Lord! I do not deserve it, but I guess that is what grace and mercy are all about...

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy for you! What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!