Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drakester The Tough Guy..


Tonight after dinner Drake for some reason starts looking for these 2 2liter bottles, that I found in his room and threw away...

He starts asking if we know where the Ginger Ale and Root beer bottles are... I did not say anything because I knew I threw them away... tee hee..

He keeps on asking and then Steve finally says: "They are probably in the trash.."

Then, Drake jokingly says: "If I find them in the trash, I am going to kick you.." He was trying to sound tough...

So, after us all going back and forth about how he was not going to kick anyone, (you know, you just have to say it to your kids, even though you know they aren't going to do it... because we are mom's and we just have to be saying something all the time it seems..) hee hee..

Anyway - after Drake does his tough guy thing he comes right over to me and says: "Mom, can you walk me up stairs, because it's dark..."

We just started cracking up, because he was talking so tough just a minute before... Too FUNNY!!!!!!!!

As you can tell by the pictures above that he is constantly joking around... He is a funny mess!!

I am gonna have to have my mom pull out some pictues, because I made some of those same faces...

Be blessed!


  1. Tracy - thanks for visiting Heart Reflections! As soon as I saw your title of the blog I thought - We might be kindred-sisters! Love the pics! =) Shane

  2. LOL! Kids can be a hoot!

    I'm sitting here all bundled up cause it's so cold and the first thing I see is a photo of your son swimming. Brrrr! :D

  3. Hey! I'm tagging you! Have fun! :D