Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~Testimony Tuesday~

When the Lord saved and delivered me one of the things that was placed on my heart was tithing... I really did not know that much about it, but started making it a habit..

I feel like the Lord placed that on my heart even before I had a job..

Literally right after the Lord saved and delivered me, a friend of mine called and told me about a job that was about to become open... I didn't even tell anyone I needed a job. I really was not talking to anyone at that time... This is like a week after the Lord delivered me, so I am sure that everyone thought this was temporary...

So, I get a job that I am not qualified for, making more money than I have ever made... In that first week, I moved back in with my parents. I was suppose to be saving money so that I could get back on my feet again.... I only worked part-time, so right off the top came my tithe, then I payed for child-care which was very expensive, my car payment, gas, etc. After paying all that, there was not much left over...

My parents bought a house in the Hill Country and put their house on the market, and they said that I could live there until it sold... Without going into all the details a situation arouse that would have not been good for my boys and I to be in or around... So, I knew I needed to move out soon.. The problem was: #1: I only had $200 saved and #2: I had horrible credit. I knew that someone else was going to be moving in to my parents home by the weekend, and live there with us until the house sold.

I was driving to work and talking to the Lord and crying... I said: "Lord, I have no money to move out, and my credit is horrible.. I can't imagine that You want the boys to be in a situation like this, when that is just what You got us out of... I need You to be my Husband, and help the boys and I."

I get to work and my boss wants to have a meeting... He tells me that he thinks that he would like to move his office out to Richmond, and was asking me where I was going to be living.. I told him that I did not know, but that I needed to figure that out soon... He said that he and his wife owned two homes out in Pecan Grove, and one of them had been vacant for about a year and a half... He knew I was a single-mom and that I was living with my parents... He said that I could move into their extra house out there, and live there the first six months for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooooo shocked!!! I did not say anything to my boss, and the Lord took care of it!

We moved out the weekend the other people were moving in... We did not even stay there one night in the same house...
HE is never late..

I would love to hear your testimonies!


  1. Hi Tracy!

    I didn't do this this week because of Christmas but I'm still planning on it. I've been making a list. I am sure this will generate a lot of response and do much for many hearts. I loved reading this!

    Did you try the Mr Linky? Let me know if you still need help. I would even be glad to walk you through it over the phone.

    Have a richly blessed Christmas!

  2. I did try it and it did not work.. :( I don't know what the deal is... We may have to do it over the phone..

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!!!