Monday, October 20, 2008

Healthy Does Not Have To Be Expensive...

I would rather my family eat Organic, but the prices have always been so high... Now, it seems that everything has gone up at the grocery store... So...

Well, I went into the store the other day and the store had a discount section for their meat... Laura's Lean Beef is organic. The ground beef usually sells between $5-$6.00 a pound..

I bought 6 lbs. of the Organic meat the discount section.. I got it for $1.99/lb. HUGE SAVINGS!!

So, the deal is... You go into your store and look at the dates of the organic meats.. When it is getting close to those date (about 2 days out) go in and buy it for the discounted price.. Even if it has the same date on it as the day you go in, all you have to do is cook it that day or freeze it!

You can feed your family healthy food, and it is cheaper than regular meat!

Thank You Lord for wisdom on how and where to spend our money!

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